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Let’s Start Again (by Carmen)

Carmen walking at sunrise

A new day, a new blog

Hello, nice to meet you again. It’s, um, been a while.

Two and a half years ago this blog kind of just went over a cliff edge. Not that Nathan and I haven’t continued to travel, explore, and eat well, we simply stopped writing about it. But I want that to change. Anytime I scroll through this blog, the rush of excitement I felt in these places returns in an instant.

I’m therefore excited to announce that we’re bringing it back! Right now we’re piecing together the half drafted posts and assorted photos to cover some highlights of the past 2.5 years. Over the next couple months, we’ll be posting two a week so we can get caught up to the present. A glimpse of what’s to come:

  • “Quick Trips” about long weekends spent exploring the east coast in 2015 and 2016
  • A wine-oriented vacation in Italy
  • Travel with friends to New Orleans and Germany
  • A move abroad(!) and exploring our new city / continent

Some trips aren’t covered (like the 6 weddings we’ve attended in California!) but this should get the ball rolling again. Looking forward to reliving it all here and, hopefully, you’ll get some good travel tips out of it too.

I’m glad we had this chat. See you soon.


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