4 feet 2 mouths

walking and eating our way around the world


Round the World Trip in 2012-2013!

View full size interactive travel map as well as other trips

Currently in: New York

6 thoughts on “Itinerary

  1. Super excited subscriber here! That ice cream looks so good. I want to see some of that new dance move you and Carmen acquire… Keep the posts coming!

  2. Is it ok for me to share your blog on my FB and other friends/co-workers who might like these good readings?

  3. Wow, I’d love to do a round the world trip with my partner too, one day! I’m really curious as to how you guys set up and plan the whole thing. I would love a little post on advice and tips from you guys (if you haven’t done one already, I haven’t explored your whole blog yet!). But I’m glad you guys got FP… will be reading on your adventures from now on :)

  4. We’re on month 10 of our RTW, and it looks like we’ve visited a lot of the same places. Look forward to reading more about your adventures around the world! :)

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