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walking and eating our way around the world


One way that we stay protected while traveling is by purchasing travel insurance. We used a service offered by World Nomads. We chose them because their system is extremely easy to use and they provide a list of all the things that they DO and DO NOT cover. Read for yourself. Here is what you need to know about World Nomads travel insurance:

  • You can buy while away from home
  • Available to people from 150 countries, traveling worldwide
  • Extend & claim online
  • Cover your adventure, including over 100 sports & activities
  • Give a little back to a local community
  • Stay informed & safe when you travel
  • They make these awesome iPod Language Guides that we used as a crash course in places like Turkey, India, SE Asia and China.
  • Buy your insurance through clicking the sponsored link and 4feetmouths will receive a small kickback to finance our next trip.


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