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A new chapter (by Carmen)

Two roads diverge in a wood, as Frost wrote.  In my life, the traveled road is on the right.  This is the one where I’m supposed to find a good job and save up for a house and get settled in. On the left is the less traveled road.  It’s hazy; I can’t tell exactly where it goes.

The majority of my adult life has taken place in the San Francisco Bay Area – from college to my first long-term job to grad school.  It has all been a somewhat logical path to follow.  But now the future holds a big question mark.     ?      Should I search out fellowships, look for jobs, just travel?  Where? For how long?

What I do know is that I booked tickets to spend four months(!) in South America.  This trip is kick starting this new chapter in life.  With it, I want to start a new project – this blog.  For me, the blog will be a centered way to document my travels, food, thoughts, adventures and just life in general.  Actually, it’s not just mine.  It’s Nathan’s adventures, too.  He’ll be giving his own posts with his point of view on things.  That way, all our friends, family and travel enthusiasts can come to one site to get the latest update on us.

Over the next few months we will be posting about our experiences in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia and Peru.  Our travel style generally involves us walking around until our feet hurt in search of awesomely delicious food and drink, hence the name of this blog.  Expect to see some parrilla in Buenos Aires, capirinhas in Rio, saltado in Lima, wine tasting in Mendoza, and more.  We will also throw a bit of history, culture and architecture into the mix.  Ooh I’m getting excited!

The previous post was about feeling grateful for the life I’ve led so far.  This post is about embracing the future and all the uncertainty that comes with it.  It may be somewhat cliche but Frost’s poem makes me feel ready to take on the world.  Let’s go.


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3 thoughts on “A new chapter (by Carmen)

  1. Your blog is fantastic! I’m amazed that you guys can just leave (literally) everything behind and set out to do what you love the most. It’s wonderful (and I’m a little jealous), and I’m really glad I can get a glimpse of the adventures of “Carthan” (get it? …Carmen and Nathan?). I felt exactly the same way leaving Chicago and coming to NY. I love Chicago, but more in a paternal/maternal way. Now, when people ask how I like living here, my response is usually, “I’m in love with this city. I’m literally in a relationship with New York… it’s pretty serious”. We’ll see how it develops over the next couple years…

    Enjoy BA, it’s a fabulous city with so many different characters of people – very colorful. You guys will love it! My favorite part to just sit and ponder the world was the Italian garden.

    • Thanks Adri for our first comment! I know you are very familiar with the travel bug. Once bitten it’s hard to stop! I’m glad you and New York are getting serious : ) I’d love to see you two again.

  2. Mare aka Tia on said:

    I’ve always preferred the road less traveled. I think you’ll enjoy it! I know I did.

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