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Pizza By The Porcion (by Carmen)

Overall, food in Buenos Aires is prepared simply. A grilled steak sprinkled with salt, roasted veggies seasoned with salt, a lettuce and tomato salad dressed with vinegar, oil and salt. The restaurants here are in love with salt but are timid in their application of other spices. At times the blandness is tiresome but there are foods for which simple preparation really works. Pizza is one of them.
Assortment of Pizzas

Assortment of pizzas: Fugazza, Muzarella, Fugazetta & Fainá

Pizza in BsAs is absolutely delicious. Imagine a thick doughy crust with a thin layer of sauce and a load of ooey-gooey mozzarella cheese dripping from it.  Ok, I know everyone has their different pizza preferences. Some like it thin (which is also available) and some don’t like so much cheese, but Nathan and I love it just the way it is.
We’ve also enjoyed getting to know BsAs pizza specialties. Any pizzeria will have these available:
  • Muzarella: the classic cheese
  • Fugazza: a thin layer of creme fraiche-like cheese with lots of sliced onions carmelized on top
  • Fugazetta: same as above with the addition of mozzarella
  • Napolitana: tomato sauce, mozzarella, tomatoes and parsley
  • Fainá: not so much a pizza as a dense, savory cake made from chickpeas

Humita (corn) Pizza

We searched high and low for the best pizza.  The biggest challenge with finding the best pizza is that everyone has their own favorite.  There are hundreds of pizza places in the city, some with standing room sections and some are sit down only.  All have their own charm to them.  At most pizza restaurants you can order both by the porcion (slice) and whole pies.  Here is a quick overview of the best pizza in BsAs (our favorites):

Best Pizza: El Cuartito

Napolitana at Cuartito

El Cuartito

This place has a great combination of delicious food, fun atmosphere and good value. They served me my first, and I think best, fugazza.

Las Cuartetas kitchen

Las Cuartetas Fugazza

Las Cuartetas

A great recommendation from a friend. This restaurant looks small from the front but hides many large dining areas towards the back. Their muzarella has set a new standard.

La Americana Assortment

La Americana Napolitana

La Americana

This place was 2 blocks from our apartment! Even the empanadas and ricotta cake dessert were tasty.

Another shot of out favorites: Fugazza and Fainá

There were other great places and many more recommendations we didn’t get to try.  But these were the standouts. For more suggestions, Kat at our spanish school has a great entry on pizza. Who wants to do an Argentinian pizza party when we get back?

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7 thoughts on “Pizza By The Porcion (by Carmen)

  1. mannyd on said:

    These pizzas look good, but I know you are craving some cheese board or zacharys :) I will make sure to have either in the upcoming future and blog back to you guys!

  2. Mare aka Tia on said:

    This has really put me in the mood for a good pizza! Like the pics!

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