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The Graceful Lives of Flowers in Close Up (by Nathan)

Tree flower in Rio

The vibrancy of the natural world is most evident in the colors created by the sun.  The sky is painted during sunrises and sunsets, but some of the most magnificent natural beauty is in the flowers scattered throughout the world.

Our pilgrimage across the country of Spain continues.  Here are some photos of my favorite blooming flowers found during my travels:

Macau flower and façade

In Macau a bee stopped for a suckle in front of the Ruins of St. Paul.

Kyoto tiger lily

An enormous tiger lily hung across the philosopher’s path in Kyoto.

Rio de Janiero orchid

Kuala Lumpur orchids

What is it about orchids that make them so alluring?  The bright colors, contoured petals and symmetry are so fascinating.  Visit somewhere tropical and there will be orchids in great varieties.

Vancouver tulips

In volume flowers can transition a landscape and make an area colorful and teeming with life.

Oregon honey suckles

Picnic and flowers

Purple lady slippers in Berkeley

Flowers surround our daily activities and highlight our special events.

Squash blossoms to be consumed

Some of the best flowers can be consumed.  I stuffed these farmer’s market squash blossoms with ricotta then beer-battered and fried them.  Delicious!


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    Does anyone know what this flower is called and when it flowers in Brazil?

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