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Iguazú, Argentina Style (by Carmen)

Nathan beautifully described the experience of Iguazú from the Brazil side.  With its stunning vistas and platform right near the Garganta del Diablo, it may seem like you have seen it all. But Nathan and I found that the Argentina side had a lot to offer as well.  Contrasted with Brazil, it gives a more up close and personal view of the falls.

Garganta del Diablo

Garganta del Diablo

The first thing we did on the Argentina side was to see the Garganta de Diablo from the top.  This is the largest of the falls and one of the most impressive.  There is something strangely mesmerizing about so much water free falling hundreds of feet.

Trees and cascadas

Trees and cascadas

Next we hit the upper trail that looks at a series of waterfalls from the top.  Even though there is a banister, the act of looking down a straight drop into the turbulent water at the bottom made me a bit dizzy.

San Martin waterfall

San Martin waterfall

Finally, we weaved our on the lower trail.  Parts of this almost go under some of the “smaller” waterfalls.  There is even a small ferry that takes you to an island in the middle of it all.   The island has a short walk to one of our favorite vistas.  From here you can feel the power of one of Iguazú´s major cascades, San Martin.

Cascadas, San Martin on left

San Martin is loud.  You can hear the water screaming its way down.  One of the signs nearby had a picture of San Martin during a major drought in the 1970s.  This all mighty waterfall was literally reduced to a trickle.  It is hard to imaging compared to the heavy flow present today.  But it is a reminder of how fragile a seemingly invisible force of nature can be.


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