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The Best Bus Ride Ever (by Carmen)

Valley and creek

Valley and creek

Long bus rides come with the territory when traveling in South America.  Extremely long in some cases – I’m talking 24 hours or more!  Nathan and I have avoided such journeys, keeping our trips to 10 hours or less.  On some of our longer journeys we take an overnight to save on money and time.  These can actually be quite comfortable with seats that recline nearly flat.  But there are some bus rides worth being awake for. Such is the case with the trip from Santiago to Mendoza.

Andes cliffs

Andes cliffs

A few years ago my cousin traveled around South America.  She endured numerous bus hours but one trip in particular stuck out in her mind: Santiagoto Mendoza. Ever since, I’ve actually been looking forward to the eight hour journey.  (Thanks Adri!) The two cities are separated by the Andes. It’s a mean job for the bus to get up and over these mountains, but for us it made for spectacular views. 

A ribbon of road

A ribbon of road

Glacier in the distance

Glacier in the distance

As the bus trudged up switchback after switchback our eyes were practically glued to the windows.  We were enveloped by high cliffs carved by the swift river running alongside the road.  Glaciers peeked out from distant mountain peaks.  The drama of it all made the ride feel much shorter than it actually was.  Bring on the 24 hour bus trip!  Ok, not really but we are looking forward to more scenic drives through northwest Argentina.

Valley with mossy river

Valley with mossy river

Tall Andes valley

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One thought on “The Best Bus Ride Ever (by Carmen)

  1. Manish on said:

    One of my favorite things about chile was drivin through the dessert. The landscapes are site moved and desolate it was surreal.

    I prefer long train rides rather buses but it seems lIke you were on a deluxe bus!!!

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