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Graffiti and Street Art Gone Global (by Nathan)

Berkeley city gazer

I love good street art.  There is something wonderful about huge murals that express the vibrancy of a place and the people around it.  I would never encourage the illegible crap that seems to plague so many places as graffiti, but there is street art around the world worth admiring.  There are places with graffiti that is as eye-catching and engaging as anything in any museum.  I usually take photos of street murals that I like, seeing them reminds me of the walk through the neighborhood, the excitement of the city and the uniqueness of the culture.

We are currently walking the Camino de Santiago.  We began at Pied de Port in France and we will be walking for four weeks.  Enjoy this collection of graffiti while we are in transit:

Typical vibrant building in the Mission in San Francisco

Twisted building mural in San Francsico

Sailing ship in San Francisco

San Francisco has a wonderful collection of beautiful murals.  The Mission neighborhood includes enormous buildings and blocks of alleyways full of intricate paintings.  The murals express a medley of Mexican cultural heritage, surreal landscapes and just about anything and everything else.

Venice eyebrows

The expressive and slightly disturbing piece of art is the furry pair of eyebrows and staring eyes that have found us several times when walking around in Venice Los Angeles.

Valparaiso building

Valparaiso is a neighborhood on Chile’s coast known for its assortment of colorful assortment of murals.

Montreal graffiti racoons

Montreal had an interesting program to repaint and cover up the eyesores of graffiti with a street art competition to paint industrial buildings.

Family riding bugs in Buenos Aires

Karate fish in Montevideo

São Paulo stairway

Graffiti is political and colorful, and always creative in ways that I could never have guessed.  It can be enjoyed by everyone and easily replaced when the next artists has a better idea.  The artwork provides life to blank walls and lonely walkways.


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2 thoughts on “Graffiti and Street Art Gone Global (by Nathan)

  1. Nathan, these are GREAT! Makes me truly miss NYC….

  2. You ever see the street art that is on the ground/wall that looks like it is another building/street in 3D. Those are cool, while are you traveling around the world check those out too :)

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